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16 Jan 12

Honour December 3 - Disability Day


FIFTY computers plus a professional mentoring partnership, this is what The Papillon Foundation brought to the table in an exciting new Skills Development Partnership with The Forest Town School for children with special needs.

Pictured in the photo above: Pricilla Makoba (Imperial On-Line), Stephen Smith (Papillon Foundation), Crista Tagg(Imperial On-line) and Marian Smith (Papillon Foundation)

"Christa Tagg of Imperial On-Line. is a board member of the Papillon Foundation,
Christa and Priscilla joined us for the event at the Forest Town school." said Stephen Smith.

The School started a Registered Non-Profit Organization (WEP@Work) in an effort to help young school leavers with the skills to support themselves, as they face a lonely and boring future at home.

The NPO Programme Head approached Papillon fOr assistance and it was decided to transfer Papillon's successfill Computer Refurbishment Project that is run in a partnership with Microsoft, to a new location at the school.

A computer expert volunteered his services to the school as a mentor and the first group of technical trainees is hard at work already, refurbishing donated computers.

Needy community members and other children in the school can purchase the refurbished computers that are loaded with licensed Microsoft software, at a fraction of the market cost.

A new and exciting future is now created for these children and the income from the computer sales will be split belween the school project and the training graduates, enabling them to generate their own financial support and it is sure to grant them dignity and independence.

A call is made to corporates and the private sector to donate unused computers to this worthy cause.

For more information on courses offered by The Papillon Foundation contact Marian 011 435 9799.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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