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11 Apr 19

20 computers to a rural school by Papillon

Maxonia Computers

The legendary Papillon Foundation NPO/PBO recently relocated from Johannesburg to the Overberg in the Western Cape Province and in the first three months of their stay here, had an opporuity to donate 20 quality computers to the Maxonia Primary School in Grabouw.

The little ones were so excited to receive their computers! Papillon has managed to set up these computers with a link to Computers4Kids which offers the international Minecraft courses. Computer literacy will open new doors to young minds! A great thank you to Andrew Craig of Universe Direct for his assistance.

A note from the Principal

Dear Stephen Smith, the members of The Papillion Foundation and funders

It is very clear that the future lies in the hands of the youth, and our belief is that if we equip them with the best knowledge, skills and a great attitude that our communities and our country will be a paradise to live in. This big dream that all will be educated equally no matter your social and economical situation. Education is a timeous process with its own challenges that we need to address.

It is then is this light that we try our utmost to give our learners from this farming area the chance to be able to participate and compete in an ever changing world especially regarding information technology. We know that learners learn better when they are personally actively busy in the education process. So one of the best resources we can use to maximize own learners learning is through computers.

Other advantages of using computers at a primary level is the fact that the earlier we expose them to this technology the better change they have of making a success of life and having a resource where self-education is a possibility. Having the knowledge and skills to operate these machines will make education at higher level easier as we are able to teach them the basics of computers. The possibility of teaching through games like mine craft, which are currently done mostly in the affluent schools by more than 4 million learners, open the door of education being fun.

Learners on the primary level are born in this era of developing technology and if they can stay at this level and even move on to another level it will only mean great things for themselves and our country. Other advantages of using computers is that different resources of knowledge can be accessed and leaners being able to compare even learners that struggle with the “normal work” feel a bit saver when working on their own level at their own pace. As most of the programmes are in English our learners that are mainly Afrikaans , Xhosa and Zulu speaking get more exposure to our second language.

Computers, the internet, also make it possible to build friendships in other countries at a very small price and very quickly, thus building on making the world a global village for us all.
Thank you very much for the donation of 20 computers.
Mr. F. A. BAAR

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