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17 Sep 14

Mobile Computer Lab - Truck donated by Imperial

Donation by Imperial Holdings of a Truck to convert into a mobile Computer Laboratory.

Mobile computer lab

Hand over: Mpho Maisa (Imperial), Frans Brand (Imperial) Richard Owen (Papillon Driver) and Stephen Smith (Papillon CEO) receiving the truck keys.

Enterprise Development and Quality Computer Education for all in South Africa.

New computer centres at schools are standing idle and persons in far flung poor rural areas have no hope of attaining computer literacy due firstly to a lack of resources and secondly to a lack of qualified trainers.

For months I struggled in prayer and then on a day the idea for a mobile “Train the Trainer” project was born. The message was: “Go to the people” Train new selected trainers in the areas and let them start their own small businesses training all others in their communities.
The Papillon Foundation is not a very well off Non Profit and the idea at first scared me, but gradually the seed germinated in my mind that a solution to the problem was at hand. Get a truck and kit it out as a mobile training centre.
Hard work (as usual), much pleading and many meetings later and voila! See for yourself!

On Tuesday 17 September 2014 Papillon became the proud new owner of a Mercedes Benz truck, donated to us by Imperial Holdings Pty. (Ltd). More hard work awaits as we now have to plead with corporates to sponsor this worthy venture in return for their logos being placed on the sides of the truck. Apart from free advertising, sponsors will also receive BEE points and Tax certificates.

Author: Stephen Smith.


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