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09 Nov 14

13 Years of Achievements

Consolidation of Achievements 13 years    (Jan 2002 – Dec 2014)


306 tons of goods – i.e. clothing, blankets (annually), food, furniture, appliances, equipment, toys, Christmas presents (annually), toiletries, sweets, Easter Eggs (annually), soap, goods, etc. distributed to NGOs, Crèches, Schools, Church Missions, Community Projects and needy individuals and communities.

Areas distributed to: Soweto, Carltonville, JHB South, Orange Farm, JHB North, JHB West, JHB East, and various provinces in South Africa.

Papillon also organises parties / outings  for children and the elderly (ongoing – since 2002)

Previous Charity Projects:

  • Feeding Project (2002 – 2007) 144 618 meals served to the destitute, needy, street people and poor children
  • Master Chef food distribution (2012 - 2013) 42 truckloads to 84 Projects in Gauteng and Cape Provinces
  • Human Rights Project (2002 – 2008) 3 146 persons assisted



Training Projects: (Jan 2002 – Dec 2014)  8 602 adults, children and youth trained.  

Current Courses: 3 419

Computer Training (2004 - 2014)  3 399  ICDL / ECDL and E-Learner accreditation
ICDL IT Security (2014)  1  currently in training ICDL / ECDL accreditation
ICDL Project Planning (2013-2014)  19  ICDL / ECDL accreditation

Previous Courses: 5 183 People trained

SETA Project Management Fundamentals  84  Services SETA
SETA Project Management Advanced 21  Services SETA
Wits Project Management Framework 210  Wits University
English Language Training (2002-2014) 4 641  Wits University Language School
Pastel Training (2008 – 2010) 60  Pastel Accreditation (Xpress & Partner)
Waiter Training (2008) 10  University of JHB Accreditation
Typing Training (2006) 27  Papillon Certificate
Anger Management (2005) 30  Social Worker oversight and training
Youth English (2004) 35  Papillon Certificate
Development Tennis (2004) 35  Harrison Coaching oversight and training
Sewing and Knitting (2002-2003) 30  Papillon in-house training



Community Microsoft Refurbishment Project

1 008 Computers that have been donated are repaired and refurbished. These computers are donated or sold at huge discounts to NGOs, Missions and Schools.

Contact Papillon Foundation

Tel: +27 (0) 83 6174182
E-mailAddress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal Address: TBA
Contact Persons: Stephen and Marian Smith



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