21 Jul 12

Mandela Day - Tea Party at Park Care Home

mandela day 2102 04

A wonderful tea party for 90 Park Care Home (Frail Care for the Elderly) residents was hosted on Mandela Day by the Papillon Foundation and some of its partners. Residents spent a festive morning with loads of treats and cakes, accompanied by the smooth piano sounds of a professional player.

Lively interaction and fun discussions were interspersed with laughter and it was a wonder to see the happy faces and to listen to their life stories.

The abandonment and rejection of senior citizens in our country is a serious issue and the Papillon Foundation has supported several homes over the years.

The Papillon Foundation hereby wishes to thank Christa Tagg of Monkey Magic, Mike Yiannakis of XLan, and Bastion Graphics for assistance with the catering. Also a great thank you to each of the persons that assisted with the serving and the interaction of the residents.

Each of us in this country can do something to help another. A great thank you to Rev. James Baker, Rodney and Yvonne Bastion, Kevin Munro and Chantall Marralich for your assistance to serve and to interact with the oldies. Thank you also to each of Papillon’s supporters, as it is your assistance that aids us to bring about these magnificent efforts.