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Creating better tomorrows from the ashes of today

01 Apr 17

Children Project

Papillon distributes 1500 Christmas gifts annually to Orange Farm MS Care & Restoration Society (destitute, ill and needy children and youth); Kiddies Paradise Crèche; Yeshua Anointed Crèche; the Lighthouse Home for special-needs children, youth and adults; Eldorado Park children (Hope of Jesus Church); Eldorado street children; Rosettenville Papillon children; Rosettenville Nazarene children; Bellavista Children (Crossover Church); Alberton children and youth (Ligstad Crèche and Aftercare); the Munsieville children (Krugersdorp Squatter-camp); and local needy children in Rosettenville and the surrounding suburbs.

Papillon annually provides Mandela Day Outreaches, where the children are given the opportunity of an outing or party to commemorate this day.



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