Who is Papillon?

23 years of community work (2002 – 2024)

Brief history:

Started in 2001 and officially registered in 2002, The Papillon Foundation celebrates 23 years of community work in 2024; having had socio-economic and empowerment projects in South Africa nationwide, the placement of computers in South Africa and some parts of Africa, and Trauma training in South Africa, Africa and Ecuador. Papillon partners with and supports other worthy NPO’s and community projects. The Papillon Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit Organisation (022-158-NPO) and an Approved Public Benefit Organisation (930005579 P.B.O).

Papillon’s Mission Statement:

Empowering people to transform their lives…and their communities

Papillon’s Vision Statement:

Creating better tomorrows from the ashes of today

Papillon recipients:

The needy, poor, destitute, previously disadvantaged, elderly, sick, youth, children, women, disabled adults/youth/children, special needs children, orphans, child-headed households, the traumatized, unemployed, low-income earners, part-time workers and local community residents wanting to improve their situations.


*To research, communicate and identify our Region, City & Country’s challenges.

*To develop Community Empowerment Projects focused on the destitute.

*To clothe, feed, educate and train all in a holistic approach.

*To create a platform for people to grow & improve their lives & those of their families & communities.

*To forge Partnerships and Associations blended into a force of Specialists.

*To manage an open and accountable accredited Structure.

*To create better tomorrows for all in our Society.