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Education & Training (2002–2023)

Coding Training Project (2021-2023)

Papillon has partnered with another NPO to give free coding training to poor and disadvantaged youth and children. This is to offer the children a chance for their future. In 2020, Papillon placed brand new laptops for the pilot project which ran in 2021, and the pilot project was a great success. Other role players have now come on board and donated desktop and tablet computers so that more children and youth are being assisted. A weekly computer literacy and coding programme is now given, alongside a computer-based Mathematics programme. The good news, is that this project has also now been rolled out to another town in the Western Cape.

School Library Project (2023)

Papillon has donated funds to a local primary school in a gang and crime-ridden area, for their library project. This support will be continued.

Previous Training Projects (2002 – 2022) – see below ***

Papillon’s accredited training has seen 10 238 community members complete the courses over 21 years.

Computer Refurbishment Project (2007-2020)

1706 computers were refurbished and placed by Papillon at 94 centres – including NPO’s, clinics, schools, community projects, churches, prisons, and special needs schools in South Africa & Africa.

Victim Support Project (2002-2023)

Victims of rape, abuse, and crime (2019 – 2023)

*Papillon provides funds and goods support to a local NPO whose staff counsel and mentor victims of rape, abuse, and crime (2019 – 2023).

*Papillon has donated gift vouchers and goods to the local law enforcement Victim Support Unit (2020-2022).

*Papillon has donated gifts, chocolates, goodies and biscuits to the staff and volunteers of the local law enforcement Victim Support Unit and two other NPO’s in the area (2020-2022).

Community programmes (2020 – 2022)

SAPS team building day (Papillon opened in prayer) 2020

-SAPS against gender violence (Papillon opened in prayer) 2021

-SAPS party for orphan child (Papillon opened in prayer and message) 2022

-SAPS ministering and counselling for grieving family (prayer, goods and ministering) 2022

-SAPS Spiritual Crime Prevention launch (Papillon opened in prayer) 2022

-SAPS Spiritual Crime Prevention meetings and committee work 2022

Trauma training project (2015-2022)

Papillon was the Financial Patron for the Apples of Gold/LAMb Trauma Project from 2015 to 2022. These are internationally accredited workshops, where participants can apply for CPD points upon completion of the workshops. 1593 participants have completed the workshops, with workshops having being offered in South Africa, Africa and Ecuador.

Freshstart (2021)

A Freshstart initiative was held, from the 2nd of June to the 17th of November 2021, for local NPO workers and the SAPS Victim support unit volunteers. They were given skills and tools to help themselves to experience mental and spiritual healing from trauma and stress, and to help others to experience this same freedom. These workshops ran for 2 hours once a week for 8 weeks. Papillon organised the venues, invited the participants, had the booklets printed, provided the stationery and refreshments, and paid for the petrol of the trainers.

Human Rights Project (2002-2008)

3146 persons were assisted by Papillon’s Human Rights Project and 1426 people attended the Human Rights Workshops organized by Papillon (Gauteng).

Distribution Project (2002-2023)

425 tons of goods (blankets, food, clothing, equipment, toys, sweets, end-of-year gifts, furniture, bedding, adult diapers, and other goods) have been distributed to needy communities across SA through community centres, NPO’s/NGO’s, churches, clinics, schools; and directly to needy families and individuals.

Feeding project (2002-2023)

Feeding of school children (2020 – 2023)

Papillon donates funds for the feeding of poor and disadvantaged school children (2021 – 2023). Papillon funded a local NPO’s Feed-A-Family Campaign with 545 bales of nutritional porridge. Each bale having 80 servings, amounting to 43 636 meals in three towns at 21 schools since 2020.

Annual Tea Parties at Old-Age Homes (2002-2017)

Papillon held annual tea parties at different Old-Age Homes in Gauteng. Papillon and its members would organize the cake and eats for each home.

Feeding (2002-2020)

*Papillon partnered with a local soup kitchen / feeding Project by providing money for them to purchase food (May to August 2020).

*Food handed out food and still bottled water to hungry destitute people on the streets (Dec 2018-April 2020).

*Merci/Mercy Flight – 50 food parcels were distributed to destitute people on 30 Dec 2019.

*Papillon was appointed as the food distributor for Masterchef (MNet TV programme) for all food utilized in the making of the programme in 2012 and 2013. MasterChef reality MNet show donated all left over unopened dry-goods, dairy, and fresh produce to Papillon who distributed this food to N.P.O’s and Community Projects in the Gauteng and Western Cape Provinces. This food amounted to over a Million Rand’s worth of goods, with thousands fed.

2012 – 15 truckloads to 22 NPO’s (14 Projects in the Cape & 8 Projects in Gauteng)

2013 – 27 truckloads to 62 NPO’s (41 Projects in the Cape & 21 Projects in Gauteng)

*Feeding project (2002-2007) 144 618 persons fed (**bread with meals) (24 103 per year x 6 years) (Gauteng).

*Bread distribution (2002-2006) 37 500 loaves to schools & feedings schemes & for Papillon’s feeding (Gauteng).

Children Project (2002-2021)

*Annual Mandela day outreach for children 2002-2017 (Gauteng); and 2018-2019, 2021 (Cape Province).

*Papillon donated gift vouchers to a local NPO working with disabled special needs children (2020).

*Papillon hosted annual end-of-year presents (2002-2017) (Gauteng) and (2018) (Cape Province) [9098 presents in total for 17 years]

*Papillon organized annual children outings (2002-2016) (Gauteng).

10 Special needs youth received University of JHB Waiter Training (UJ certificates) (2008).

Papillon organized Anger Management workshops for 30 high school students (2005).

Papillon trained 35 youth in English (2004).

Previous Training Projects *** (2002 – 2022)

Trauma Training Project (CPD points) 2015-2022

Freshstart (at SAPS Somerset West station & Imibala) 2021

ICDL E-Learner (MICT SETA Accreditation) July 2009 – Sep 2018

ICDL Intermediate (Core) (MICT SETA Accreditation) 2006-2017

ICDL Advanced (Profile) (MICT SETA Accreditation) 2015-2017

ICDL Project Planning (ICDL Accredited) 2013-2014

Wits University English language training (levels 1-3) 2002-2014

English language basics 2002

SETA Project Management Advanced level 4 (SETA) 2012

SETA Project Management Fundamentals level 4 (SETA) 2011-2012

SAGE Pastel Training (Pastel Accreditation) 2008-2010

PC & Web basic (Laragh Skills Training certificate) 2007-June 2009

University of JHB Waiter Training (UJ certificate) 2008

Papillon typing 2006

Wits University P & DM basic computers (Wits certificate) 2004-2006

Papillon Anger Management 2005

Wits University Project Management (Wits certificate) 2004

Papillon Youth English 2004

Harrison Development Tennis 2004

Papillon sewing and knitting 2002-2003

Human Rights training 2002-2008